Laminated or veneered wood and wood composites when top and bottom finish is critical. High quality carbide and unique flute geometry for ultimate tool life. Short upcut allows for chip free dados to be routed. Unique tested and proven Ultimax coating to reduce friction and increase wear resistance for twice the tool life in cutting white melamine.

Material Selection See Guide

R60-12003UM1/2 (in)7/8 (in).230" (in)1/2 (in)(in)
R60-12004-3.5UM1/2 (in)1-3/8 (in).230" (in)1/2 (in)3-1/2 (in)
R60-12004UM1/2 (in)1-1/8 (in).230" (in)1/2 (in)(in)
R60-12007UM1/2 (in)7/8 (in).230" (in)1/2 (in)2-1/2 (in)
R60-12012UM3/8 (in)1-1/8 (in).188" (in)3/8 (in)(in)