Building Expansion

Royce/Ayr is pleased to announce a 20,000 sq. ft. expansion of their Cambridge production facility to include new technology and machinery. This investment will allow Royce/Ayr to continue expansion into new markets and generate additional production capacity and product innovations to meet existing demand. The new building will allow for further expansion of existing markets, as well as continued development of tooling for advanced material machining. The plant layout will include a unique work cell concept to improve production efficiencies, and an dedicated area for testing and developing cutting tools. The owners and staff at Royce/Ayr thank all of their dedicated customers for their loyalty to the Royce/Ayr brand. This expansion of production capabilities is made possible by many years of customer support and dedication to their products and services. The new investment will serve to continually improve quality and service for all customers and facilitate product development for a changing market place.