Precion CNC hydraulic style tool holders. Thermwood 30 tool changer interface. Hydraulic clamping increases tool life by reducing run out and vibration in demanding applications. Tool holders include retention knob for HSD Spindle.

Material Selection See Guide

PRC-ETP.G2T-1/2-TH301/2 (in)32 (mm)81 (mm)57 (mm)
PRC-ETP.G2T-3/4-TH303/4 (in)40 (mm)93 (mm)57 (mm)
PRC-ETP.G2T-3/8-TH303/8 (in)32 (mm)81 (mm)57 (mm)
PRC-ETP.G2T-SET-TH30*NaNaNa57 (mm)
*Set includes a 1/2" and 3/4" hydro tool holder, as well as reducing bushings for 1/4" and 3/8"